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The Day I saw my best friend

It was after 10:30 last night when my friend called me. She and her husband (they call each other husband and wife even though they’re technically not married) had a fight and she simply walked out. I mean that quite literally too. He tried to prevent her from leaving so she locked herself in the bathroom. Then she called his cell phone and when he went to the bedroom to answer it, she bolted for the door. That meant she had nothing. No purse, no car keys, no money. She had nothing but her phone that she used to call me as she walked down a busy, 4 lane road.

Honestly, the fact that my friend and her significant other were arguing is no big surprise. They’re the type of couple that’s always fighting. And we’re not talking about small and petty disagreements. I’m talking loud and nasty fights of epic proportions. I’ve witnessed these fights before and it is not pretty. And most of the time the fights are about little and inconsequential things. I swear they could argue about nothing. Literally nothing. One time I asked my friend why they didn’t break up since they were always arguing. She was shocked that I would even ask such a thing. As she put it, they were in love. And I can see that. He absolutely adores her and she thinks he’s a rock star. That’s why all the fighting makes no sense. I swear their relationship just baffles me at times.

By the time I changed from my jammies and finally located her, it was close to 11:30pm and, like I said, she was walking along a busy 4 lane state route road. Granted it wasn’t super busy at that time of night, but the cars were still plentiful. When she got in my car the first thing I said was, “Are you insane?” I felt a little bad when she burst into tears. There were tears and sobbing and declarations of how much she hated her husband. It was tough but by the time we got back to my house I was able to piece together what had happened. Apparently her husband has been really distant lately. He hasn’t really been talkative, he’s been very secretive, and their … amorous activities have dwindled down to almost nothing. She was sure all of that meant that he was cheating. But instead of sitting down and actually talking things out, she just blew up at him, an argument ensued, and then she walked out.

After buckets of tears and several handfuls of peanut M&Ms (that’s my cure-all for everything) she conked out in my spare room around 3am. I decided to call her husband. Look, I’m all about girl power and standing behind your friends and all of that. She calls him a rat bastard and I will agree with her 100%! If she wants to reenact Angela Bassett’s setting the car on fire scene in Waiting to Exhale, I’ll go out and buy her a pack of cigarettes. There’s no question with whom my loyalties lay. But she had just simply disappeared on him without her purse and without taking her car. At the very least I thought he should know that she’s safe. As a bonus I had hoped that he would stop calling so all of us could get some sleep.

I wasn’t very nice on the phone. But, to be fair, I was tired and cranky and my protective instincts were all riled up. Needless to say my sailor mouth came out a little. All I was going to do was tell him was that she was spending the night with me and then hang up. But then he started pleading with me to tell him what he had done wrong and that he’d do anything to make it right. Dealing with another person on the verge of tears definitely wasn’t something I wanted to deal with. And getting pulled into the middle of another couple’s fight is never a good idea. But I had enough so I simply blurted out, “Are you cheating on her?” Well, that wasn’t exactly what I said. I might have include one or two colorful curse words. One of which I never use, so … yeah….

The good news is he’s not cheating. The bad news is he’s losing his job at the end of the month. He found another one but they’ll have to move two states away. He’s been trying to find something closer to home but there’s really nothing out there. He didn’t want to worry her so he didn’t say anything. Plus he was afraid she would break things off with him instead of moving away from her friends and family. So that’s why he’s been stressed and not exactly present in their relationship lately. While I was overjoyed for my friend and the fact that no cars will be harmed in the immediate future, my heart broke a little. My sister lives 5 hours away from me and, if they end up having to move, my best friend will be two states away. I hate that. I mean, I understand it but I still hate it.

6am this morning he was pounding at my front door. Actually I was surprised it took him that long to show up. It was hard to convince him to let her sleep and not to come over at 3am when I called him. They talked everything out and they were back to being all lovey-dovey in no time. But when my friend asked me if I could leave for a few hours so they could appropriately make up, I told her “I love you, but get out of my house.”

After they left, I managed to get three more hours of sleep. But all day I’ve been feeling like I need at least three more. And, I don’t know if I slept wrong or something but all day I’ve been having back spasms in my lower back. I tried a hot shower and even doing some yoga but nothing seems to help. But Joe's coming over later and he promised me a back rub. In the mean time I think I’ll self-medicate with another handful of peanut M&Ms. They might not help the ache in my back but they will make my tummy very happy!


3:36 p.m. - 2020-10-21


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